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Oak Creek Canyon is back open for business after the Slide Fire!

On Friday May 30, Coconino County and the Slide Fire Incident Manangement Team arranged a media tour of Oak Creek Canyon. We are pleased to report that the skies are clear of smoke and the air is good, with no smell of burning debris. The Slide Fire ire is now fully contained. Businesses in the canyon (including Garlands Lodge) are open as of today, June 2. Red Rock TV would like to express the deepest gratitude for the brave firefighters who fought hard to control the fire.

Forest Service recreation sites north of Slide Rock State Park remain closed. The SR 89A switchbacks at the north end of the canyon will remain closed for construction (unrelated to the Slide Fire) for the next several weeks.

Photos courtesy of Geoff Alson.

Starting Off 2008 with a Bang!

In case you missed the announcement at the Holiday Party, Red Rock TV 16 is kicking off the New Year with a special offer for you!

We’ve heard it time and time again from dozens of our advertisers… A little freshening up goes a long way! Sometimes changing just a few scenes in your commercial, featuring a hot new item or artist can do so much to bring more visitors into your business. So as long as you are current with you contract and billing, we’re offering you a chance to update your ad for free in January! It’s our way of saying “Thanks!” for advertising with Red Rock TV 16 and helping you start the New Year off with a bang!