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Your Sedona Concierge Recommendations

Hi, I’m Megan, your Sedona Concierge. Got a burning question about What to See & Do in Sedona? Looking for the best Sedona hotels & motels, restaurants, galleries, shops, spas and more? Post a question! The best ones will be replied to right here on our Sedona.tv Blog with videos and customized recommendations to help you make the most out of your time in the Red Rocks!

Hi Megan! Thanks for all the helpful info so far! Lunch on the way up – was thinking the Asylum in Jerome, but then we miss that spectacular drive in to Sedona coming the back way. Any thoughts? Other plans are the Pink Jeep tour (Broken Arrow), dinner at Cafe Elote (love that place!), playing the horses at Stakes and Sticks, and lunch/dinner the day we head out. Maybe L’Auberge for lunch by the creek or Tii Gavo at Enchantment, dinner at Cucina Rustica. ~Rubee
Great choices so far Rubee! If you want a casual, super yummy breakfast or lunch try Secret Garden Cafe at Tlaquepaque…location is beautiful, food is healthy and delicious.

If you want something more formal, I recommend breakfast at L’Auberge over lunch. Cucina Rustica is an excellent restaurant for dinner – try the Grilled Artichoke appetizer – I’ve never had anything like it in my life!

I also like Cowboy Club’s Silver Saddle Room or Redstone Cabin for dinner – you’ll get to try some unique items if you like plus the service is impeccable and the food is unbelievable. TRY THE CACTUS FRIES just so you can say you did! LOL!

Make sure you do the drive up/down Oak Creek Canyon. Oak Creek Canyon was named one of the top 10 most scenic drives in America by Rand McNally.

Jerome is very cool, too! You can never go wrong with a visit to the Asylum – it kind of sits off the side of a cliff overlooking the Verde Valley. I also recommend the Haunted Hamburger for lunch. I’ve never tried it myself but all the locals rave about it.

Broken Arrow Tour with Pink Jeep Tours is one of the best jeep tours in town. You will love it! If you can book it for sunset time, you’ll find it even more breathtaking. Also visit http://www.pinkjeep.com/ and sign up for their E-Newsletter to get discounts!

Last but not least, just for fun, you might consider trying a pyschic reading – its a true Sedona experience! I’ve had some really amazing readings at the Center for the New Age.

Hope you enjoy your trip here! Please come back and comment on how you liked all of my recommendations!

Ask Megan – Your Sedona Concierge

Hi, I’m Megan Aronson, your Sedona Concierge. I am the expert on all things Sedona! From current events to restaurant recommendations, hotels and B&Bs to hiking trails and golf courses…and EVERYTHING in between!

You can find videos on Sedona Lodging, Shops, Galleries, Restaurants, Spas, Retreats, Spirituality and much more right here on Sedona.tv but if you’ve got a burning question about how you can make the most out of your time in the red rocks, just ask! I’ll pick the best questions and respond right here on our Sedona.tv Blog, making several recommendations for you. I’ll also include informative videos so you can see for yourself which shops, restaurants, galleries, spas, and lodging choices will make YOUR trip to Sedona the most memorable. You might start off by watching the video below – it’ll give you a great overview of Sedona to help you plan your trip here.

I know when I travel, I always want to know where the locals go because those are usually the best places to visit – the places that create lasting memories that you will talk about for years to come. So consider me your local insider! Want to know where you can have the best massage of your life? Looking for a less-traveled, still spectacular path for a romantic hike in the red rocks? Wondering where you can have an authentic Sedona pyschic reading or healing session? Trying to find a restaurant unlike any other you’ve ever been to? I’ve got answers to all your questions! I’m also a Mom, a dog-owner and an “eco-tourist” so if you want pet-friendly, kid-friendly or GREEN recommendations, I’ve got those too!

A Little More About Me

I’m the host of “Out & About with Megan” on Red Rock TV Channel 16 here in beautiful Sedona and before that I was a Concierge for several years at one of Sedona’s top resorts. I’ve lived in Sedona for almost 9 years and my family has been here for over 40 years. In fact, my parents met here in Sedona in my grandmother’s 8th grade choir class (and they are still married!). I’ve been visiting Sedona all my life and in the year 2000, I moved to Sedona “temporarily,” got the infamous “Red Rock Fever” and never left. Now I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else in the world. The incredible energy of this magical place has changed me forever and continues to speak to me day after day. I feel so blessed to call Sedona home and now I am excited to share my home with you!

I’ve responded to several questions on Twitter already but its so hard to tell followers about all the great things to see & do here in just 140 characters so from now on, I’m going to pick some questions to respond to here on our Sedona.tv Blog so I can give a more detailed response complete with videos!

If you’ve got a question, please post it in the COMMENTS area! You can also visit our FAQs page for a list of frequently asked questions on Sedona’s weather, the Red Rock Pass, how to pronounce that strange word Tlaquepaque (and what exactly is it?!), why the rocks are red, what is a Vortex and much more. Take a little time to watch the video below and I guarantee you’ll be packing your bags heading to Sedona soon as you can!
P.S. You don’t have to be traveling to Sedona to have a burning question about our Red Rock Country – feel free to post questions whether or not you’re comin’ for a visit!

See you in the red rocks – I promise, you’re going to have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE!!!

Kayta Bella Children's Boutique Announces "Trying NOT to Go Out of Business" Sale

Kayta Bella Children’s Clothing Boutique, located inside the Art Mart of Sedona.

Trying Not to Go Out of Business Sale – 20% Off Everything in the Store!

If you’re looking for affordable and adorable gifts for the little ones in your life, now is the time to visit Kayta Bella Boutique located in the Art Mart of Sedona, next to Harkin’s Theater. They’ve just announced their biggest sale ever – the “Trying NOT to Go Out of Business” Sale. With the recession hitting families of every shape and size, Kayta Bella hopes the unbelievable “20% off everything in the store” sale, will help visitors and locals alike find several special items to take home to the little ones in their lives. Choose from infant and toddler girls and boys outfits, jackets, pajamas, shirts, jeans and more. Looking for a last minute Baby Shower or Birthday gift? Kayta Bella has a wonderful selection of newborn layette items – from blanket and rattle gift sets to embroidered onsies with sayings like “Miss Behaving'” and “Like Father, Like Son.”


With a 20% discount, the store’s bestseller Twirly Girl dresses are now offered at an unbeatable price nearly 40% off retail! 2-in-1 reversible dresses in sizes 2T- Girls 12 will make your little girl spin right round baby right round! Or, spoil that little princess with a fabulous “Wings of Wonder” Dress with built in wings!!! Straight from L.A., these chic little dresses will have a home in your little girl’s closet forever.

Owners Megan, Kory and Kayta Aronson hope that their unprecedented sale will make it possible for them to keep the store in business. Megan says, “We really hoped to serve our community with our little store, offering the only namebrand, affordable children’s clothing in Sedona at prices we knew even we could afford!” Unfortunately, the recession has hit this little family hard and if April’s sales don’t improve, the Aronsons will be forced to close the store at the end of month. They invite you to come and take part in their “Trying Not To Go Out of Business” sale where you’ll find the most unbeatable deals in town paired with some of the cutest little kid’s clothes you’ve ever seen. The Aronsons say, “We want to be here for years to come so we can offer families like ours great kid’s clothes at prices they can afford. Please come and visit the store and help us stay in business so we can continue to serve Sedona’s families.” You can also order from Kayta Bella online – just email them at KaytaBella@yahoo.com.

Kayta Bella Children’s Clothing Boutique is located inside the Art Mart, a 12,000 square foot indoor art festival featuring the works of over 130 artists as well as a huge selection of clothing, jewelry, photography, watercolors, fountains, Kachina dolls, pottery, furniture and much more. Located at 2180 W. Hwy 89A next to Harkin’s Theater, they are open daily from 10-6 and Sundays 11-6. For more information about Kayta Bella visit http://www.kaytabella.com/ or call (928) 853-4559.

Remember, SHOP LOCAL first and you’re supporting families just like yours.