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Sedona Soul Adventures' "Bali Sacred Spirit" Journey 9/19 – 10/2

Sedona Soul Adventures’ “Bali Sacred Spirit” Journey
September 19 to October 2, 2009
Last Chance to Join this Remarkable Journey!
From Owners Tom & Debra Margrave:
Our Bali Sacred Spirit journey is coming up soon, but there is still time for you to join us – IF – you act now! What will you experience on the Bali Sacred Spirit Tour? Well, here is an overview:

First, prepare yourself for a thoroughly life-changing journey. You will be part of a small group of like-minded seekers and open-hearted spiritual adventurers who bond quickly and deeply as we travel to ancient temples, meditate, explore, play, shop, eat, dance and celebrate.

You will find that Bali is not only a place of immense physical beauty – lush and green and tropical – but Bali also has a vibrant, dynamic culture filled with artistry and creative expression as well as a profoundly devotional spirituality. As you discover the beauty of the island’s temples, its people and its landscapes; as you are immersed in a culture where awareness of, and devotion to Spirit permeates every aspect of life, you may very well experience subtle but powerful shifts in your own awareness and relationship to the Divine.

During your stay, as you resonate with Bali more and more, you will find yourself slowing down, relaxing, opening and unwinding. You will experience yourself spontaneously entraining to the more natural Balinese rhythms and pace of life. You may even give yourself permission to indulge in the pampering and sensual pleasures of the many heavenly little spas set amidst the tranquility of rice paddies and fields. Where else but in Bali are massage, pedicures and manicures, body wraps and facials taken to the level of an art form?

You will be amazed and delighted with what you experience during your time in Bali. You will come home with a deep appreciation for the people, the culture and the land. You will find a deeper appreciation for yourself as you realize that Balil has subtly but deeply opened you to a new and more lovingly alive version of yourself.

“This sacred journey to Bali with Tom & Debra was magical. Their preparations allowed me to “drink in” the essence of the Hindu temples and the “feel” of the Balinese culture and surroundings. Nirvana has followed me home.”


Joyce Cramer

Please, come visit our Bali Sacred Spirit pages at http://www.sedonasouladventures.com/sacred-travel/bali.html itinerary, and see if this amazing journey isn’t what you’ve always been hoping to experience. It’s not a vacation, it’s a Soul Adventure.

If you have any questions or want more information, give either of us a call. Our toll free number is 877.204.3664 and for our friends outside the U.S. & Canada, you can reach us on our direct line, 928.204.5988. You can also reach us by email at Bali@SedonaSoulAdventures.com.

If you’re considering this amazing adventure, delay no further – act now! Bali is calling!


toll free 877.204.3664 (USA & Canada)

Ask Megan – Your Sedona Concierge

Hi, I’m Megan Aronson, your Sedona Concierge. I am the expert on all things Sedona! From current events to restaurant recommendations, hotels and B&Bs to hiking trails and golf courses…and EVERYTHING in between!

You can find videos on Sedona Lodging, Shops, Galleries, Restaurants, Spas, Retreats, Spirituality and much more right here on Sedona.tv but if you’ve got a burning question about how you can make the most out of your time in the red rocks, just ask! I’ll pick the best questions and respond right here on our Sedona.tv Blog, making several recommendations for you. I’ll also include informative videos so you can see for yourself which shops, restaurants, galleries, spas, and lodging choices will make YOUR trip to Sedona the most memorable. You might start off by watching the video below – it’ll give you a great overview of Sedona to help you plan your trip here.

I know when I travel, I always want to know where the locals go because those are usually the best places to visit – the places that create lasting memories that you will talk about for years to come. So consider me your local insider! Want to know where you can have the best massage of your life? Looking for a less-traveled, still spectacular path for a romantic hike in the red rocks? Wondering where you can have an authentic Sedona pyschic reading or healing session? Trying to find a restaurant unlike any other you’ve ever been to? I’ve got answers to all your questions! I’m also a Mom, a dog-owner and an “eco-tourist” so if you want pet-friendly, kid-friendly or GREEN recommendations, I’ve got those too!

A Little More About Me

I’m the host of “Out & About with Megan” on Red Rock TV Channel 16 here in beautiful Sedona and before that I was a Concierge for several years at one of Sedona’s top resorts. I’ve lived in Sedona for almost 9 years and my family has been here for over 40 years. In fact, my parents met here in Sedona in my grandmother’s 8th grade choir class (and they are still married!). I’ve been visiting Sedona all my life and in the year 2000, I moved to Sedona “temporarily,” got the infamous “Red Rock Fever” and never left. Now I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else in the world. The incredible energy of this magical place has changed me forever and continues to speak to me day after day. I feel so blessed to call Sedona home and now I am excited to share my home with you!

I’ve responded to several questions on Twitter already but its so hard to tell followers about all the great things to see & do here in just 140 characters so from now on, I’m going to pick some questions to respond to here on our Sedona.tv Blog so I can give a more detailed response complete with videos!

If you’ve got a question, please post it in the COMMENTS area! You can also visit our FAQs page for a list of frequently asked questions on Sedona’s weather, the Red Rock Pass, how to pronounce that strange word Tlaquepaque (and what exactly is it?!), why the rocks are red, what is a Vortex and much more. Take a little time to watch the video below and I guarantee you’ll be packing your bags heading to Sedona soon as you can!
P.S. You don’t have to be traveling to Sedona to have a burning question about our Red Rock Country – feel free to post questions whether or not you’re comin’ for a visit!

See you in the red rocks – I promise, you’re going to have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE!!!