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Divine Wine & Good Karma FUNdraiser 11/7 at Sedona Community Center

Rendering of The Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Monastery. A FUNdraiser will be held November 7 at the Sedona Community Center to raise funds for the construction of this new monastery.
Rendering of The Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Monastery. A FUNdraiser will be held November 7 at the Sedona Community Center to raise funds for the construction of this new monastery.

Good Karma Construction ~ Building a Blueprint for Ecological and Self-Sustainable Living!

A Sacred Site that promises to be a stunning showpiece of ecological and self-sustaining living for the future is currently being built in Northern California by a non-profit charitable organization based here in Sedona at the Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Meditation Center, Hillside.

The Project is called “The Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery & Soul Therapy Retreat Center”. It is being built in a pristine, secluded area of great natural beauty, on an old volcanic mountain in Lake County. It overlooks Clearlake the oldest natural lake in North America and the 2nd oldest lake in the world.

The construction consists of a central 51⁰ white pyramid with capstone and six surrounding ‘monolithic’ domes creating a sacred geometric form as seen throughout nature and holy sites across the globe. Each of the surrounding domes is enclosed within a 51⁰ pyramid individually making not only the center pyramid but also all six domes into pyramids – the most powerful structure for meditation and self-realization. The project is designed to be a prototype of advanced, ecological living and sacred geomantic design. It is a sacred site for personal and planetary healing – blessing the land to heal the nations – and its unique, earth-friendly architectural design is built to last 1000 years.

The complex will incorporate solar and wind technology (4 wind turbines are already functioning), recycling and water conservation principles, hybrid and electric transportation, along with aquaponic and organic food cultivation, and the practice of right exercise and diet as an example of healthy balanced lifestyle.

The main features of the monastery are:

  • It is designed and built according to sacred geomancy as found in all temples, churches, stupas and holy sites.
  • There is a central 51 degree pyramid surrounded by 6 monolithic domes, for a 1000 year lifespan.
  • Energy efficiency will be attained through solar, wind, geothermal power, and electric vehicles.
  • Self-sustaining living through the use of aquaponics and hydroponics.
  • Open by appointment for day visits and extended meditation healing ‘Soul Therapy®’ retreats.

To raise funds for this $2.25 million project which is currently one-third complete, the center is hosting a “Divine Wine and Good Karma” fundraising event on November 7th. This promises to be a high-profile event with support from many local businesses and sponsors. Guests will be able to sample wonderful wines and mouth watering gourmet hors d’oeuvres, along with the carving of a special cake – an exact replica of the monastery illustrating the beauty of its unique architecture – created by Master Executive Chef Mike McCray of “Mikes Amazing Cakes”.

The evening will also offer an opportunity to experience the soulful Meditation Healing tools, learn about the monastery project, and bid for awesome prizes such as a jeep tour, hot air balloon ride, spa treatments, a Montana ranch weekend get-away and much more!

Join us at the Sedona Community Center at 2615 Melody Lane, West Sedona from 7pm – 10pm, Saturday November 7th for this purposeful and memorable fundraising night. Call (928) 239-4409 to reserve your space – you won’t want to miss it!

For more information about the project go to

Video on Buddha Maitreya Sacred Geometric Forms

Buddha Maitreya Soul Therapy Meditation Center Announces Sale on Vajra Etheric Weavers through Aug. 23

H.H. Buddha Maitreya’s Vajra Etheric Weavers Now on Sale
A Pendulum Style Tool with Sacred Geometric Form

* Hold in the hand or use like a pendulum
* Sacred Geometric Frame on one end is added to 3.5″ or 7″ Etheric Weaver Crystal
* Buy a 5-set for additional 15% discount
* Complimentary Soul Therapy CD

Our sale on the Vajra Etheric Weaver begins today and ends on August 23rd. We also have a special offer of a further 15% discount available if you buy a 5-set of 3.5″ Vajra Etheric Weavers (as shown below), so please take advantage of this great pricing!

Also we are offering the complete line of Etheric Weavers on sale, also through August 23rd.

Call in on 1-877 444 7685 (01458 832482 in UK) if you would like to talk to a monk or nun (Ani) of the Church about the different options: the pure ‘siberian quartz’ double-terminated crystal comes in 2 sizes and different colors; there are 9 types of sacred geometric form, and you can upgrade the wire wrap from copper to silver or goldfill.

“There are many different Etheric Weavers – different sizes, and some with geometric frames added. Each serves the needs of healing the Etheric Field. The Etheric Weavers with geometric forms on one end are called Vajra Etheric Weavers. All awaken the Holy Spirit and Higher Mind of Reverence and Sacred realization of divine order in life. Many practitioners have obtained many of the weavers and vajras and have found that each person or client was best served when they were able to spontaneously use whatever weaver or vajra as the healing vibration that best resonates with the need for vitality and attunement in the moment.” – H.H. Buddha Maitreya


H.H. Buddha Maitreya’s Vajra Etheric Weavers
An Introduction

Vajra = ‘Dorje’, Thunderbolt, Healing Transmission
Etheric = Subtle Energy Plane, Prana, Chi
Weaver = Vibrationally heal etheric rents

These tools are designed to be used either as an etheric weaver, a vajra, or for applying pressure when working with accupressure points or areas of pain or blockage. When used this way or as an etheric weaver the attunement of the sacred geomancy transmits through the healing, aligning the individual to the full relationship of Sacred Form. Meridians have a sacred geometric reality so working with a sacred geometric tool helps to align a person to the etheric reality that bridges the energy body to the physical body which is our meridian field. It is literally a sacred geometric tool aligning to sacred geometric form.

This geometric form is applied in all sacred things, including temples, and it amplifies the divine order of reality in heaven and earth. The Vajra Weaver has a similar effect and thus helps to decrystallize negative patterns such as addiction, wrong spiritual direction, and dependency.

For example the Deva and Earth Vajra Etheric Weavers are based on the tetrahedron-octahedron which aligns the energy of the higher centers to the lower centers. The tetrahedron moves to the energy of the Word and the Truth, resonating with the Holy Spirit and is very good for the solar plexus, helping that area and the relationship of dependency and addiction on many levels, including false expectations, emotional despondency, and self-doubt.

The Vajra Etheric Weaver is used by people in all walks of life because it is very easy to use and non-threatening – it can be used almost anywhere, for any reason. Rita from Omaha writes: “As a massage therapist, using the tools to begin a massage session sets the stage for there to be a much easier time working on the physical level with my clients. Whatever physical/emotional tension they are experiencing when they come in begins to be shifted, almost immediately, working with the tools…the Vajra Weavers are so beautiful that I was drawn to them immediately. The effect that they have is always positive and quick…each time I work with my Vajra Weaver I feel more peaceful. Using them for 7 years now, I have grown to be so much more grounded, peaceful, and compassionate towards myself as well as towards others in my life. If you want to accelerate your healng and be a true blessing to others, I cannot think of a better tool to do this…the Vajra Weavers are so versatile: they are a vajra, a weaver, and an accupressure tool all in one, the best of a vajra and weaver combined. I often use the sky vajra weaver as an accupressure tool as it fits well into the palm of my hand.”

The Vajra Etheric Weaver can be used on oneself or on others whether informally or in a therepeutic or clinical setting, for as long as required. It’s great when combined with other Shambhala Tools such as the Metatron Mat and of course with His Holiness’ Soul Therapy® music of Sacred Invocation & Prayer.

These combinations can be very profound, as Kathy related: “I had been suffering chronic lower back pain for about six months and had tried a number of different treatments, including chiropractic, with no alleviation. Today it was especially bad as I had strained it during exercise, and every way I moved caused pain. A friend offered to give me a treatment with the Shambhala Ascension Vajra Weaver. The treatment lasted about an hour. I lay down on my front and listened to ‘The Great Invocation’ while my friend moved the Vajra Weaver over my back area. Immediately he held it over me I felt a band of heat flow across my upper back. The sensation of heat continued and extended over my whole back until by the end of the treatment it was like someone had laid a warmed blanket over me, it was very comforting. As he moved the vajra weaver from place to place I could feel an intensification of sharp pain in the ‘trouble spots’ and then a strong energetic release followed by a relaxation of the muscles. Gradually as the weaver kept working there were less and less trouble spots where the vajra weaver was moving until finally it was all done. I was intensely relaxed after the treatment and could not move for a while, when I did I found that my back had completely loosened up and there were no focuses of pain whatsover left in the body.”

To learn more about the Buddha Maitreya Soul Therapy Meditation Center in Sedona, AZ located at Hillside Sedona view the video below or visit their website