Named "Best Resource for Exploring Sedona Online" by Wandering Educators

Dr. Jessie Voigts, Founder of Wandering Educators recently named “the best resource for exploring Sedona online” in an online interview with Megan Aronson featuring the new website, “Your #1 Guide to Sedona.”

“One of the most beautiful places on earth has to be Sedona, in Northern Arizona. Although I’ve not been there yet, I’ve spent hours recently exploring the land and culture there. How? I’ve found the BEST resource for exploring Sedona, online. is an extraordinary video portal for Sedona and its gorgeous scenery. On, you can explore all aspects of visiting and living in Sedona.” ~Dr. Jessie Voigts, Founder,

This enticing and vibrantly colorful article was featured on their homepage as part of their 1st Anniversary Celebration. The team at was honored to be featured as part of this special celebration. Dr. Voigts has also asked Megan Aronson to be an Editor for Wandering Educators providing ongoing articles about Sedona and all it has to offer for their members.

Click on the link below to read full article: Featured on Wandering Educators

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